My Dutch Three Visit Experience

Some of you may have taken the time read the article on the Dutch Three Visit Rule which is linked on my home page. Well recently I had to go through the task of acquiring travel insurance and fell prey to the required three contact syndrome - via the telephone. As part of my health insurance, which Shell has made arrangements with a local service provider I am covered for some aspects that would ordinarily be included in standard travel insurance. This means that I am able to have my sunglasses replaced or compensated for lost luggage at a reduced rate. Better make the most of the perks whilst I can.

Call One
To get an understanding of what the levels of coverage were I rang Silver Cross to request that their product information be sent to me (in Dutch as you would expect). The very efficient operator took down all my details and promised to send me the information that day. Well three days later the information had not arrived and I was flying to Vienna the next day. I rang the insurance company to follow up and was told that there was no one in the trave section who would be able to help me and they would be more than happy to call back at a later time that day.

Call Two
The return call was made to my mobile at 7.45 pm as I was travelling on the train between The Hague and Amsterdam to have dinner with friends. Besides being noisy, the train passes through a tunnel that has no reception. I thus asked that they call me back in about 15 minutes. An hour later I was con t acted again. Not wanting to let this chance slip by I excused myself from the restaurant to take the call outside. Over the course of a 20 minute conversation all my details and requirements were taken. The final piece of information required was my Shell employee number. Now for many this is a 6 digit number, amongst hundreds of other phone, pin and security numbers that is easily recalled. Well not for me. Without that they were not able to process my insurance.

Call Three
With four hours before my flight I called the insurance company for, yes, the third time. I was fortunate enough to have the original helpful operator answer. Although he remembered who I was and insisted that he sent the information, I still had to supply him with all the details agai n. Primed with my employee number I finally was able to procure travel insurance and peace of mind during a wonderful weekend in Vienna.