Newsletter Number Thirteen - August, 2005

Summer edition - without the sunshine

It is clear from the weather that Amsterdam has been experiencing this summer that there is not enough for all of Europe and this 2005 was the year that Holland allowed other to enjoy good weather. Generally this year sucked.... however, despite the gloom and grey I have been busy the last few months. All is revealed in this little travelogue...

Washington and New York

During July I joined friends and headed to New York. The occasion was Frans' birthday and New York Pride. However
 before spending a few days in the big apple, Mark and  headed to Washington DC. We spent our time visiting the "must see" places on the 1st time to Washington tour. Unfortunately with heightened security, to enter most of the buildings you need tickets which need to be ordered on line or picked up in the morning between 0830 and 0930 before they all go. Needless to say we did not get tickets for most things.
 The pics of Washington and New York are available from the gallery pages or clicking here.

Moscow city visit

One nice part of my job is that I occasionally get to travel to interesting places. Recently I was asked to work with one of our sales teams based on Moscow. I only had a day to myself so spent it in and around Red Square. Whilst Russia has really opened up, it can still take over an hour to clear immigration even if you are at the front of the plane. Beware anyone who walks around without their passport and visa or you will need to 'grease' the palm of the local police. All that aside Moscow does have some charm and character.

Lenin's Tomb at Red Square

The Historical Museum

St Basil's Cathedral
Some of the many golden domes of Moscow

Marx- The man who started it all

View looking into Red Square
Russia - the land of the Lada
Keeping the with Eastern European theme Tali and spent three days in Tallinn. The old city is a UNESCO listed site and absolutely lovely. As usual there a few pics in the gallery section. Since joining the EU the Estonia has invested heavily in attracting tourist to the city.  We were both impressed with the cities cleanliness, the quality of restaurants, food, our hotel and service. In one restaurant we over heard the following exchange:
Guest: It is lovely to back.......

One of the more interesting museums we visited was the Occupation Museum, especially hearing about the war from the view of one of the German allies trying to avoid being occupied for a second time by Russia. The museum has an excellent set of movies (available on line) detailing the countries history under occupation until independence.

Amsterdam Sail 2005

Every five years tall ships gather in Amsterdam for Sail Amsterdam. This year Tali and I were lucky enough to be invited on to a friends small boat for the afternoon to inspect the fleet. If you ever thought that driving in Rome was the mad, peak hour in London chaotic or the migration of the wilderbeast through the Serengeti mass movement, nothing compares with the hundreds upon hundreds of boats making their way through the narrow Amsterdam harbour.

Thanks to Henk and Thomas for letting us ride with them around the boats.

Well that is your lot for this short newsletter....dominated by travel and fun in the sun (anyone living in Amsterdam will know that last comment is a lie!!)



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