Washington and New York- July 2005


Before heading to New York Mark and I spent a few days in Washington DC. Such a trip would not be complete without a visit to see George. Unfortunately the snippers on the roof put us off ringing the door bell!
The hotel we stayed at, the Tabard Inn, is one of the more eclectic places I have visited. Each room looks as though it has been furnished after a visit to a local garage sale. I just hope not too many guests were taken aback by what waited at the bottom of our staircase.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend the place.

The Washington Monument

View from the Washington Monument towards the Lincoln Memorial

The Pentagon

Arlington Cemetery

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Memorial to the Korean War on the National Mall

World War II Memorial

New York

As a surprise for Frans we organised a helicopter flight over the Hudson river

The pictures here are from the World Trade Centre site. Whilst the debris from the site has been cleared away, many of the surrounding buildings carry the scars of 9/11

July is Pride month around the world including New York. We spent a long, hot day on the streets of New York enjoying the parade and festivities...and that is all I am sharing on this web site!

Frand, Chris, Mark, Andrew
Paul and Me

New York is one of those cities where you can't help be captivated by the skyline and architecture  . There are a few more pics of the city  taken when I was in  NYC last year.

After being closed for quite a while the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has reopened. I found the gallery space to be one of the most innovative, and spectacular that I have seen. The collection is impressive and well worth a visit.  If you can't get to NYC have a look at their web site...


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