Stockholm - May, 2004


The start of every holiday needs the "here is our plane" photo - so here it is!

The city is known for its' colour, especially in the old part of Gamla Stan

Skansen which was founded in 1851 is a collection of over 150 traditional buildings - homes, shops, churches, barns etc from across the country. It provides an opportunity to Sweden in a day (and many a tour coach load of people do!). The pic below give you a taste for what the mini city has to offer.


The Vasa was built in the early 17th century for King Gustavus Adolphus to support his war efforts. On 10 August, 1628 the ship was launched and sailed for 20minutes before listing over and sinking, killing between 30-50 people. The boat was salvaged in 1961 and forms an amazing exhibition. You can read the full story and see better pictures at the museum web site.

St George slaying the dragon

View of the city from Skansen

The Nobelmuseet which opened in 2001 to commemorate the centenary of the the Nobel prizes.

The flower markets

Changing of Guard at the Royal Palace



The Hand of Venus.
A sculpture which supposedly will follow the transit of Venus as it passes across the sun. Sure...



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