Barcelona - Part 1

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Sagrada Familia which was deisgned by Gaudi with construction starting in 1882. Many of the designs and moulds werre destroyed during the Civil War but have been recreated from fragmants found behind a sealed wall. Not only is Gaudi's design amazing but so is his use of mathematics as part of the designs.
Gaudi is buried beneath the nave of the basilica


La Pedrera was the last non-religious building
Gaudi worked on. It is built entirely with columns
and parabolic arches, with no supporting walls,
and supposedly without a single straight line or
right angled corner.

Recycled metal was used for the
balcony iron work

The central stairwell

Chimneys and ventalation shafts
on the roof

Some City Sites

La Ramlba

The Old City

One of the many streest in the Old City

Street stall on the Rambla selling pets. At
night they just close up the fronts and
you can hear the birds chirping from the inside

The very kitsch Font Māgica de Montjuīc
which swells, dances and changes colour
to music from the current top 20.

Skyline of Barcelona Harbour


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