Ieniemienie Travels The World

 Join Ieniemienie as she travels the world getting up to misadventure. For those who have never encountered our little friend, she is one of the muppet characters on the Dutch version of Sesame Street. Representing the psychological age of a six-year-old, Ieniemienie is the oldest of the group of puppets. She is very clever and smart-alecky, and sometimes she tends to be a little bossy. Ieniemienie was introduced in 1980. She started out as a mouse who lived in a hole and was often searching for cheese. Through the years, when female emancipation wasn't as much as an issue on the street, her personality became more childlike and girlish.
Ieniemienie started her travels with a trip to Sydney. Whilst you might be able to take the mouse out of Holland you can't take the Dutch out of the mouse. The after effects of one too many cans of Heineken.

Her next adventure was to Morocco. This is one out going rodent who is not afraid to try anything at least once. Sand boarding, quad bikes, camel ride - you name it and she is into it. Of course a furry friend also enjoys the finer things in life including sea side resorts and a riad which must have at least a plunge pool!

 Ieniemienie In Greece 

Recently Ieniemienie has traveled to Thessaloniki (Greece) with Michael. Unfortunately the pressures of work can't be escaped even by this little superstar.

The little rodent also joined me for the day trip to Zurich with Michael. To be honest I am not sure who had more fun, the mouse, us or the people wondering what we were doing?


Singapore and Mice

Ieniemienie joined Michael and I for a quick trip to Singapore. Due to her behaviour on previous trips she  was confined to quarters for most of the time. To apologise she offered to help Michael with the galley service on  the flight home!

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