Berlin - October, 2006

 This was my second trip to Berlin. Unlike last time I now know a few people in the city so spent most of time in cafes, restaurants and clubs in and around the city. There was also less pressure to try and see everything - again. I know there is a lot that has changed and still more to see so I guess I will just need to head back again. There a few of the obligatory tourist shots below, however if you want to see more then you will need to jump back in time to April 2003.

Trust me to stay at a hotel which was a stones throw away from Berlin canals!

Lee and Lucca

Alexanderplatz Station. East Berlin construction at its' best.
The lovely Neville (right) is one of those guys who gets around. Originally from Malta, lives in London and hopefully on his way to Holland for work.

Frank and Eike (left) I met in Amsterdam a few months ago. 


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