Berlin - April, 2003


The infamous Check Point Charlie.All that is left is this office, however there is also a museum and the usual tourist markets nearby.

The Brandenburger Tor built in 1791 and a focal point for much of Germany's and Berlin's turnbulent history.

These 2 images are of Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche (memorial church) built in 1891-5. Much of the building was destroyed during the war and is quite a vivid landmark on the Berlin skyline.

The Reichstag is home of the German Parliament. It is quite an impsoing building
constructed between 1884-94 and subjected to being torched by Nazis and
bombed by the Allies. I was told a trip to the top of the dome is a must, however
standing for hours in the queue (which you can see) was not on my itinerary - I
guess I will just have to do that next time. The grassed Platz der Republik is a
favourite spot to soak up the sun or play soccer, however the local Berlin council
is trying to ban this as it damages the lawn.

The Berlin Wall

Along the north bank of the Spree River is the East Side Gallery, a long stretch of the former Wall that was given over to international artists to decorate.
It is located in a fairly industrial part of Berlin with the greatest hazrd being the tour buses which slow to a snail's pace as they crawl along the road. Below
are some examples of the art work that is on display. Throughout the rest of the city the path of the wall is marked on the streets and pavements by
coloured brick work.


Alexanderplatz in the East of Berlin

The atomic clock on Alexanderplatz

The skyline of the new Berlin

The Jewish Museum is quite an amazing building, not only for its collection but also the star of David design. It traces the history of Judaism in Berlin of which the Holocaust is apart. The above is a collection of steel faces from the memory void.

The canopy of the Sony Centre
at Potsdammer Platz

Shaun, me and the Berlin bear out for a night on the town. Shaun is an Aussie who had spent a few weeks in Berlin on his travels through Europe.

The Royal houses and palaces in Potsdam which is about an hour by train out of Berlin.

The Orange Palace at Potsdam.

The main market street in Potsdam.


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