Athens - July 2007

(all the pictures will enlarge )

With weather like this, why wouldn't you leave Amsterdam 

The Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis

My first view of the Pantheon

The ruins of the Temple of the Olympian Zeus

The piece to the right was in the National History Museum. Is titled 'The Thinker' and had the following description:

The Thinker…large solid figure of a seated man from the Neolithic period (4500 – 3500 BCE). It is clumsy in detail but the individual elements make up the figure of a robust man with a direct gaze and manly bearing at a moment of action. It may have represented an agrarian deity associated with the fertility of the earth.

One can only wander about all those teenage boys "thinking" away in their bedrooms...
The building to the right is the Hellenic Cosmos Centre which is located in the middle of bloody nowhere. The displays are aimed primarily at school children but fortunately for me the ankle biters were having lunch so I had the entire exhibition space to myself - quite eerie really.
One thing about Athens is that all over the city there is some quite interesting graffiti. Here are just two examples for your enjoyment!
Greek fashion at its best

Gotta love the summer sales
Guards outside of the Greek parliament building (left)


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